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 Deutsch Our next auction will start March, 14th. 2018 21. February 2018, 08:30:54

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Welcome to!

Our next auction will start 03/14/2018.
Until then you can phone us: Monday – Thursday, 08.00 – 12.00 CET.

Advantages of’s auction system to you

Auctions at offer many advantages to purchasers as well as vendors. You have a variety of options to participate:

  • Via Internet. In this case you are participating live. You can track the development of your bid online 24/7. We inform you immediately by E-mail if your bid gets surpassed.
  • In writing. In this case you submit your bid in writing to us and we bid on your behalf for the item according to the respective increments. If necessary all the way up to the highest bid. For this you complete the form ‘auction instruction’, which you can download as a PDF format and print out.
  • By Phone. This is done by prior arrangement but we would like to point out that we could only cater for a limited number of participants this way.

Important: how the auction works

You can relax when you bid in our auctions. Each individual who bids in our auctions has a fair chance of actually getting what he or she wants.

How ? This is quite simple:

  1. The auction finishes at a pre-determined time. Just like any other auction.
  2. However, if we receive a higher bid for example one minute before the auction finishes, then the auction time for this particular item is automatically prolonged by 10 minutes.
  3. Only if the item receives no further offer within these 10 minutes, and only then is the item auctioned off for the latest received highest bid.

Yours cincerely
Dr. Wilfried Beer
business manager

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